My name is Richard Jaques (Nanawin), my Ookomisan (grandmothers- grandmother) is Ojibwa/Cree from Poplar River First Nation, Manitoba; my Omishoomisan (grandfathers-grandmother) Chippewa from Fond Da Lac Indian Nation, Michigan USA. I can attribute my Scottish/French family lines to the members of my family whom married Officers from Northwest Trading Company and Hudson's Bay Company in the early 19th century era.

As an Anishinaabe aadizookaan (traditional storyteller) and Indigenous graduate scholar in the Native Indigenous Education Program (NITEP BE.d) at the University of British Columbia. My desire is to present advice, materials and resources that can be utilized the my peers, friends and associates to enhance inclusive Indigenous subject matter in their future lessons. 

I was asked recently " What do you hope to achieve as a Teacher?" I simply replied that I want to Inspire, motivate and encourages my students to look beyond the headlines and critically evaluate the world around them, further, I want to be that conduit for active insight that opens up opportunities for learning that will hopefully assist students in their future endeavors. Finally, as a Teacher, I want to provide memories, the kind that we all reflect back upon in the years to come about those 3 years that we spent in "high school", the friends, experiences we shared and of course the Teachers who we could depend upon for genuine guidance and inspiration.

— Richard Jaques explaining his desire to pursue

his goal of teaching