Dear Parents, Students and Community members,

During this school term, I will be introducing Indigenous Education to your children through a new lens focused on critically inquiry that involves being, doing and knowing pedagogy.

Indigenous education is a holistic view that encompasses the being, the knowing and the doing, while they are inextricably intertwined,  “Being” involves relationality, connections among educators, parents, communities, students, cultures and lands and involves living our collective values; “doing” involves pedagogies and teaching practices that enhance the learning experience. Knowing is the outcome that we as teachers, parents and community member desire; we want our students to actively critically engage with the world around them and share what they learn.

The intent of the course is intended to evoke Eyēʔ Sqâ’lewen (good heart, good mind, good spirit) and Na’tsa’maht (unity and collective vision). To better understand the goals of Indigenous Education curriculum, I have prepared a brief overview that compares the current curriculum methodology to the new lens of focused critically inquiry through Indigenous Ways of Knowing.