Neutrality in Teaching?


I have discovered my own limitations and how much more I‘ve to learn about my pedagogical approach to teaching in the Social Studies sciences. I came into this Faculty from a Quasi-Military approach to teaching that I was taught in my previous career in Policing. I was taught to inform, test, re inform and test again, it was very black and white: A hit B, C saw it and D walked by and saw nothing, the end. Since being in this course of study, I have learned the most crucial part of our inquiry as Teachers is to reinforce the What? and Why? principle of critical inquiry. Beyond this simple premise is neutrality, I have now set it aside as a hindrance to critical thought and focused inquiry. Being PC stifles the freedom of thought and expression in the classroom, one cannot invoke a critical argument about specific issue if your yelling though a closed door. It is much more about how I approach and present difficult and controversial subject matter as opposed to taking the safer route established by the status quo and PC linier time lines and dates. I have learned that I must venture beyond the shallow end of the pool and look deeper into critical analyses of historical content; not to necessarily rely upon just the book (text). I have discovered my own biases toward some subject matter did rise to the surface and present itself knowingly and unknowingly at times. Moreover, my cohort took the time to listen and understand my viewpoint in regards to why I am and the way I am when to Indigenous subject matter. 


I have taken a stance towards present neutrality and feel pushing the boundaries will have a better outcome in the end.  I’ve learnt that teaching is an evolving enterprise with no easy answers but or trial and error; being cognizant of my abilities and improving them from class to class will serve me the best on the long run. Developing relationships, working as an educational team has proven vital to being successful in this course of study; being passionate about learning new ideas and techniques has proven very beneficial. When I read over my creed, I started off as pessimist in the truest sense in September and finished this term as an optimist that believes that we can do better it we do more to provide a quality educational opportunities through critical inquiry. Go figure, you can teach an old dog new tricks or should I say just remove the neutrality chip and reboot.