Indian Horse - English Literature Lesson Plan


*When reading this story it is always best to let students know ahead of time that it can be sad or may be a trigger for some*

1. Ask students what they know about residential schools in Canada based on the reading of the novel Indian Horse, poems and others pieces we have discussed in class

2. Have students write down their ideas individually on paper or sticky notes

3. Have students come put sticky notes on the board

4. The teacher will read the sticky notes and discuss what students have said they know Lesson

5. Hand out the story “Legend of the Sugar Girl”

6. Read the story aloud to the class.

7. After reading the story, let students brainstorm individually or write how the story made them feel, what they thought about the Sugar Girl.

 8. After students have completed their reflections brainstorm as a class what they learned about residential schools from the story.

9. Put student contributions on the board.

10. After the brainstorming activity, write the word legacies on the board

11. Ask the class what this word means. After discussion on the meaning of the word,

Write the following legacies on the board

* Inability to parent

* Poverty

* Substance Abuse

* Suicide

* Children in Care

* Mental Health Issues

* Chronic Health

* Poor Educational Outcomes

12. Ask student how many of these were brought up in the story “Legend of the Sugar Girl?’

13. Using resource from 100 Years of Loss go through the legacies of residential schooling.(p141)

14. Ask class how and why these became legacies. This will lead into lessons on the history of residential schooling in Canada.

15. Go through a timeline of the events leading to residential schools in Canada using resources from 100 Years of Loss go through the legacies of residential schooling.(p141).