Indigenous Inquiry Journey

I'd like to thank the many BE.d  Teacher candidates, UBC Faculty, friends and family who have taken the time to share my Indigenous Blog page; it has been a humbling experience that will continue to inspire and motivate. At the beginning of the this graduate year, a blog was a mysterious entity that I was not familiar with nor comfortable creating and editing. I was inspired by the simplicity and the platform for two way conversation and comments. The open platform made inquiry an everyday word in which the blog itself came to life. My blog has become my vehicle for inspiration and mentor-ship for years to come; it is not only teaching aid for all Teachers but a resource for Indigenous Knowledge through sharing. During this process, I have learned that blogs have there limitations and technology doesn't necessarily replace in person discussion surrounding controversial subject matter. The blog itself will continue to grow and will become part of my legacy for Indigenous Educators to reflect upon and utilize to enhance their relationships with Indigenous pedagogy. When I began my educational journey to  becoming a K-12  teacher, I reached out to my Elders and mentors for advice. I 'd asked my dear friend and mentor Basil Amber's (Hereditary Chief) what I should do when I become a teacher, his advice was simply three words "make a difference"; I have taken his final words to heart and dedicated much of my teaching philosophy to doing just that.